Leap of Faith Day

Possibly because it comes only once every four years, Leap Day seems to hold magical possibilities.  Here at NDBN we’re calling it Leap of Faith Day, and view it as an opportunity to reach beyond our comfort zone to make meaningful change in the world.  We’ve already each taken our own personal leaps of faith as we have set about establishing a network of diaper banks across the country through a combination of technical assistance, diaper donations, and raising awareness at the national level of the many people who cannot afford something as basic as a diaper, but we plan to push even farther today as we spread the word about diaper need in America in order to encourage support of local diaper banks and to encourage those who live in areas where there is no diaper bank to take a leap of faith and start a diaper bank.

Leaps of faith are not unusual in the nonprofit world–indeed, they seem to be a requirement for operation.  Each diaper bank founder takes a leap of faith that they will find the funding and diapers that will allow them to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people who need, but cannot afford, diapers.  The need is so great everywhere that it seems as if it will be almost impossible to make a difference, but we hear stories every day about the real difference diaper banks make.  With each diaper, diaper banks make a tangible difference in helping fulfill people’s basic needs.  A reliable supply of diapers can help a young mother pursue her education and graduate from high school. A reliable supply of diapers can help Early Head Start programs provide early education services to children that will help ensure their success later in school.  A reliable supply of diapers can keep babies dry and comfortable, reducing crying and reducing resulting stress in households.  Incontinence supplies can help disabled individuals live independently.  The idea that something as small as a diaper can make a real difference seems almost unimaginable, but we have seen that small things truly do affect big things.

Take your own leap of faith that your action–whether it be through a donation to National Diaper Bank Network or your local diaper bank, organizing a diaper drive, or taking the tremendous leap of starting a diaper bank–will help improve the lives of others.  To learn more about NDBN and how to start a diaper bank, visit our website at http://diaperbanknetwork.org/.


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