A good reminder that the many people struggling to support their children have often suffered a change in circumstances.


By: Maura Sirianni

The majority of individuals who are raising children alone, start out in committed relationships, and never expected to be single parents.  84% of single parents in America, are women.  Andrea Rose was married for 2 years before she suddenly became a single parent.  “At the time, my son was two and a half years old and my daughter was eighteen months.  My husband worked while I stayed at home with our kids.  We were living off of one paycheck when before I knew it, my husband left.  Suddenly, he was gone and I had no income,” Rose says.

In 2007, a year before Rose’s struggles began, she volunteered her time as a mentor to a single homeless mother, through a program called Bridge of Hope.  As a Bridge of Hope mentor, Rose became a friend and support system for the young mother.

For a year, Rose…

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