As we’ve said before, food and shelter must be supplemented with other necessities, such as hygiene products and furniture, to help people live with dignity and thrive. Here’s the story of the largest furniture bank in the U.S. helping reduce waste by repurposing furniture for people in need.

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Several organizations offer assistance to those dealing with homelessness.  Today’s organization helps bridge people into a home while helping reduce the waste that goes into landfills.

In 1987, Fran Heitzman was working as a custodian at a church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  A woman brought in a crib and asked Fran if it could be used in the church nursery.  There wasn’t a need in the nursery, but Fran was sure he could find a home for the crib.  After finding a social service agency that wanted the crib, Fran thought he should be able to find a home for other furniture items to truly help those in desperate need and Bridging was born.

The mission of the Bridging organization is to provide families and individuals transitioning out of homelessness and poverty with a gift of quality furniture and household goods to stabilize and improve lives while effectively using community…

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